WALLTITE ECO can be applied to domes, turrets, curved walls, multi-story atria and cathedral ceilings among many other surfaces. This product adheres to almost any construction material and and will not shrink, sag or settle over time.

The following are some of the many possible applications and benefits associated with exclusive use of our product.




Insulating exterior & interior basement walls with WALLTITE ECO helps to control moisture and prevent mould and fungus growth. It also creates a comfortable, energy-efficient living area virtually free of moisture and musty smells.
Insulating all types of floor joist cavities and crawl space walls with WALLTITE ECO ensures efficient insulation and sealing of these areas, which are considered the leading cause of cold floors and insect infestation.


Insulating outside walls with WALLTITE ECO ensures an efficient and virtually convection-free insulation system.
WALLTITE ECO efficiently insulates attached garages while preventing harmful exhaust fumes from infiltrating your home.