Grants & Incentives


Several programs exist to assist New Brunswickers in becoming more energy-efficient, most of which are managed by Efficiency NB.

Efficiency NB is a government agency that offers sound advice and practical solutions to help New Brunswickers use energy more efficiently, make better energy choices, manage their energy expenses and lessen the impact of energy use on the environment.

Homeowners who have participated in Efficiency NB’s existing homes upgrades programs are saving an average of $975 per year!!!

The first step is to determine which program meets your needs. Contact Efficiency NB, or in order to book an energy assessment for your building.


The following links will assist you in learning more about the available programs:

Existing Homes Energy Efficiency Upgrades Program: Grants or loans available to help lower your energy consumption, save money and make your home more comfortable
New Homes Program: Grants for people who build or buy a newly constructed home that meets the EnerGuide 80 or R-2000 standards
Existing Multi Unit Residential Building Upgrades Program: Grants for owners of existing low-rise, multi-unit apartment buildings investing in their income properties
New Multi-Unit Residential Buildings Program: Grants for people who build or buy a newly constructed low-rise, multi-unit apartment building
Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program for Low-Income Households: Energy efficiency grants for low-income households offered by the Department of Social Development
Efficiency NB also offers Commercial, Industrial and Municipal programs, which can all be found on its website.

For more information on Efficiency NB and its programs, please visit the website at or call directly toll-free at 1-866-643-8833.